Reeva Cutting Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads Specialist, Reeva Cutting isn’t one to back down from a challenge. 

Proudly South African, Reeva and her family had been living in the UK when the lure of a sunnier climate drew them to Western Australia. It takes courage and determination to move your family halfway around the world to begin a new life in a new country – not once. But twice!

Adjusting to a new life in Perth meant starting a new career as a digital marketer helping businesses get found online. She was thrilled to discover her new job combined measuring and planning (her super-power), with development and creativity.

Fast forward three years and Reeva had the skills, knowledge and experience to begin working for herself.


Introducing Cutting Edge Digital

Cutting Edge Digital Google Ads

Like any savvy digital marketer, Reeva turned to Google and got researching before she launched her business, Cutting Edge Digital.

Then she focused on providing in-demand digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and blogging.

Finding the right clients and, of course, charging the right prices were challenges in the early days of her business.

‘When you’re starting out, you’re not always confident about what you should charge for your services. Once you understand the value you deliver, you understand how to set your fees and attract clients you want to work with.’

Reeva’s first client came from her South African Facebook group. After that, her business grew by word-of-mouth referrals.

From SEO consultant to Google Ads specialist

Reeva Cutting Perth

Initially, Reeva was dismayed to uncover some pretty underhanded practices in the SEO industry. But it made her determined to offer small business owners a higher standard of SEO services. What sets her apart is her desire to go beyond doing merely what’s requested and, whenever possible, educate her clients.

Today, Cutting Edge Digital specialises in Google Ads. Reeva’s approach is to stop her clients from wasting money on ineffective strategies, so they can get the best possible ad campaign results.


The upside of running a small business

For Reeva, having the flexibility to work around school hours and family life is one of the best aspects of running her business. Working from her home office also means she avoids the time suck of the dreaded daily commute into the city.

She’s had to learn to be strict with time management and set boundaries to manage client expectations about her availability.

‘If I answered that first email on a Saturday, I was effectively saying it was okay to contact me on the weekend. I don’t do that now.’

When Reeva’s not working or hanging out with her family, you’ll find her indulging her lifelong passion for horse riding.

Reeva Cutting with her horse

As well as being a self-confessed *crazy horse lady*, she is a woman of diverse talents who:

  • writes a travel and migration blog about moving to Australia

  • runs workshops to help other small businesses understand Google Ads

  • works for Rand Rescue helping South Africans bring their funds and retirement policies out of South Africa

Reeva and I met at a networking event in the early days of both our businesses. I have used her SEO services and found her to be efficient, knowledgable and super reliable.

We can’t finish up without mentioning cake…

Reeva’s favourite is… Lemon Meringue Pie.

Okay – technically not a cake – but I’m not the cake police and it happens to be one of my favourites too!


Need a Google Ads specialist? Reach out to Reeva Cutting


Here are all the places you can connect with Reeva:

Cutting Edge Digital

Reeva’s business tool recommendations:

  • SEMRush for SEO
  • Canva for graphics
  • Xero for accounts
  • Mailerlite for email
  • Google Analytics (website analysis)
  • EasyPark (parking app)
  • Driversnote (mileage tracking app)