Voxer Support Days

This service is getting a little makeover right now… If you’d like to know whether a Voxer Support Day is for you – click on the button below…


VIP Copywriting Intensive

An excellent service – great instant support, especially when working on a project.

I hadn’t given much thought around what to expect and was completely open to your guidance.

The questions you put to me really made me think, so really appreciated the opportunity to dig deeper.

It was great to be able to tap into your well of knowledge without the distraction of videos or posts pulling your focus away.  

Sharon Wilkes-Burt, Gloss Boss

If you want real time help and feedback, this is a great investment.

Liz’s Voxer Support Day allows for hands on doing + seeking help and feedback concurrently. 

It solves problems as they occur and you can jump on to Voxer as and when you’re free. You could end up with a finished product at the end of the day (so long as you plan the day properly). 

It’s a great service!

Narelle Wilson, Volta Consulting